Saturday, November 19, 2011

Addison Turns Two!!

My baby turned two!!! Oh how the time truly does fly.  She has turned into an outgoing, spunky, funny child.  As much as I love to see her grow and learn new things, I am also sad that my baby is growing up.

This year for her party we decided to have a friend party.  Her babysitter (for lack of a better word) and she share the same birthday, so I had a double party.  It was fun having a bunch of little kids around.
 For her birthday we got her a play kitchen.  It is so cute.  She loves playing with it.  We keep it in our kitchen so she can cook with me.  I kind of think it is fantastic.  Oh, and of course we got balloons too.  Her absolute favorite.
 With her sista friend.  I love these girls.  Notice the ribbons coming out of Addison's head?  They are her balloons clipped to her ponytail.  She wore it like that for days.
 And of course the blowing out of the candles.  My mom had her finger in front of the flash so please pardon the severe shadow.
 This girl loves her food.  Especially if it is sweet.  She started out just taking handfuls of it, then she skipped that all together and just took huge bites out of the cake.  When Grandpa Mike saw the pictures he called her the cake monster.  Quite fitting.
"What, it's my cake ..."

 That was some yummy cake :)
 Present time ...

 She loves this tent.  It is in the corner of her room right now and she will go in there to look at books.  I love it, so cute
 This face is so sweet
 And then so proud looking
Little stinker got into mamma's make-up.  Since it was her birthday weekend I just took her clothes off and let her play.  It was one of the things I rarely use anyway

 The after party, party.  With her sweet Tyson playing with all the new toys.
Happy Birthday Baby.  I love you so incredibly much!!!


Happy Halloween.  I love the look on Addison's face on this one.  She just loves her brothers.  Even when they look like monsters.

 The boys took her out trick or treating for a little bit before they took off with their friends.  She loved it.  When she got home, she dumped the candy from her pumpkin out on the ground and went crazy.  She has found a new love - candy.

First Day of School

When did the boys become so cool that they no longer smile for the camera, uh, about 4th and 6th grade.  What studs
 Here I thought - oh lets get a photo of all the kids.  Addison apparently wanted no part of it, but look the boys are smiling
 Mass chaos of the first day

Natalie's 21st Birthday

My little sister turned 21 this year so we made a Vegas trip out of it.  She did not know I was going, so when I met her at the airport she was very surprised.  It was so much fun
 One of the days we rented a private cabana.  Now that is livin! We had a girl that would come check on us, bring us drinks or food throughout the day.  We had our own semi-private pool and is was very peaceful right in the middle of the huge crowded casino pools.  I felt very pampered and it was not even my birthday!
 Going out attire.  She had a tiara and her Miss 21 sash.  Such a cute little sister I have
 Only in Vegas can you take pictures with random people you have never met.  These people came up and asked if I wanted to have my picture taken with a polar bear.  My answer ... "How did you know, I have always wanted my picture taken with a polar bear" Notice his hat and gloves.  People are so funny
 Only in Vegas ... need I say more?
 Dancing the night away.  I kind of like that it is blurry, it makes it look like we were dancing really fast!

 Nights are always so pretty with all the lights

Happy Birthday baby sis, I had such a fun time with you

2011 Football Season

A football season just is not complete without its cheerleaders and this is the cutest cheerleader I have ever seen!
 Braiden's team

 Tyson's team
Sorry I didn't take as many pictures this year boys, I was busy chasing a toddler

Random Summer Stuff of 2011

We do a lot of hair time around here.  Sometimes it goes a little smoother than others.  This one is right after I had taken out one of her styles before I washed it.  I was loving that awesome combed out fro, she was not amused.  This picture cracks me up every time I look at it
These next ones are just random styles.  I always feel like I need to show her birth mom that I can take care of her hair and to just show progress of a once very inexperienced white girl.  Plus it is fun to look back and see all the fun stuff we have done.  
 Such a girl - loves the phone

 um, yeah, this is why we don't let her feed herself all the time.  It tends to end in a mess.

This is Kent and I during the MS 150 ride.  What a fun weekend.  
 Fourth of July weekend with Addison's "sista friend" Elese eating cupcakes, life is good
 We love swimming but boy it wears us out - so sweet
 This is at my Aunt Cami's cabin.  Tyson caught a fish and was so proud
 Getting ready to - or maybe just after - gutting the fish.  No he didn't, my dear sweet Aunt did.  She must love him
 This girl is into everything and would not hold still, so we did what everyone would have done, duct tape her to a chair.  She was only mad at first, then she kind of liked it and stayed there for a good half hour.
 And again the girly girl, she loves to get into my nail polish and make-up.  I, not so much on the love it part.  This is nail polish on her face
She loves this bike helmet.  It is such a funny, random thing for her to love to wear.  I guess because she sees Kent and I go for rides so often and we always wear them, who knows what her fascination is, but it is cute
Family hike.  Tyson is such a poser, funny kiddo
 I love that she smiles for the camera now
The last fire of the summer
Just out walking the dog.  There is something just so sweet about this picture.  She loves to walk dogs.  She will walk up to a random stranger and take the leash from them.  She has no boundaries but is funny.